The Broken Woman: Surrendering

Rising from the bed a thought crossed china’s mind, it was a little bit out of place, because of all three sisters, China was the least adventurous Exciting and reserved, China was almost two feet away from a six feet.

Light skinned with an oval shaped face and slender shoulders. China walked towards phone picking it up to place a call, she realized that a call was already coming in. she had placed her phone on silence and had totally forgotten about it. It was her dad calling Mr.

David calling, he was brown skinned, a little above an average height with a muscular body that had seen years of working out that now sagged a little due to age. Reluctantly pressing the answer key china answering said,

‘’Hello’’ a greeting following immediately. Wanting to finish up what was left of the house project, which China handled because he was away on business trip with his wife Mrs. Sonia who was more light skinned than all her children with a height a little more than Mr. David’s, she was also a beauty in her time. Closest amongst all her sibling to her dad, China ran all his businesses when he was away, the house project wasn’t any different. M. David trusted her always and she never let down the trust at any instance, she always delivered. The first of three sisters, China took on a motherly role, a little early than most as a result of the frequent trips her parents embarked on.
Everything went according to plan until she had told her parents she wanted to get married, that was all she needed to say to turn her relationship with her dad upside down.
Wanting desperately to make her parents understand that this was where her love rested, it was like a home away from home. Peace came to her in human form, but her parents weren’t interested in anything she had to say. They weren’t changing their mind.
On a sunny afternoon China had lost zeal for anything, as she picked up her phone and placed it on silent, she cried herself to sleep.
Dropping the call China revisited the thought she had woken up with, she was going to get married regardless, she was getting married in the court.
Few weeks to when China had this thought she got married in court and had told only her immediate younger sister and just two friends, who were present at the scene.
Mr. David on hearing everything revisited his will, he couldn’t believe that in a thousand years China would ever do anything like that. She was his direct air, and he changed it to the last daughter he had, probably because she went on some of the trips with him.
Having fore knowledge of her actions, and what its consequences could be China still chose to go on with it. Everything she had known was on the line for her choice, yet she chose to do it any way.

Afraid, Afraid
Many a times we try to look for convictions in a lot of things, because we don’t want to experience any form of set-back or delay of any kind. Hence we search and search, sometimes getting nothing because everything that spells convictions is what we are feeling and it is birth into reality but because of past mistakes and experiences we try to be cautious. This time we want to do thigs differently, we forget that we cannot be hundred percent certain, about each step we want to take, that is where faith comes in because this time your believe is stronger than your fear.

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