Nothing in life comes easy, neither does forgiveness. This is as a result of the expectation placed on the person and the trust we have in that individual.

So yes they falter, falling short of our expectations. Often times, it’s not because they wanted to but they couldn’t help it.
This in turn creates a hole inside our heart, we are hurt by the sheer idea that someone who we value and trust could do this to us.
Many a time we hold on to that hurt, carrying it along with our goals and targets, wearing it like a shield reminding ourselves never again would we give someone the ability to treat us in that manner. So we are burdened by the weight of the past and the idea we carry around which shields us from expressing our true selves and becoming who we really are.

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This time, I cannot promise would be different but I’m certain that negative energy never did anybody any good. Let us look beyond what has been done, it is the past so therefore let it pass. You are important and so is your mental state and peace of mind. What threatens it, shouldn’t stay.


There is so much beauty inside you seeking expression capitalize on that, stay in the light of things. Remember you are your own miracle, so shine from wherever you are.


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