Life is in phases and we go through those phases as we grow with life. 
Every stage of life comes with a challenge, and this challenges are designed to make you stronger but how you respond to it will decide whether to make or destroy you.
There are certain times where we are faced with peer pressure challenges, sometimes it comes with academic challenges, concurrently it is financial issues and most times we are deepened in emotional situations from our relationships.
The truth is how you respond will decide the philosophy and perception you create for your life. 
Understand that you can’t skip the process in the journey to your destiny. Make the process a positive vibes, live to choose happiness, when life throw reality to us even from our actions, decisions or promises. Always focus on the positive aspect and remember you are the first priority to your self. 

Life is good, decide it goodness for yourself and enjoy the sweetness. Live with peace with yourself first and with others

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