The broken woman : original

“In this world we live in, there are zero handouts. If you want something so bad, go for it so hard never ever back down.”

A little smarter than her counterparts and her pairs, China knew there was little or nothing anybody could do to change how she felt about life.
With a height of about 5.8ft, China was dark skinned and had a round face, few years away from her mid-twenties she often wondered why her parents gave her the name “China”. Her mom, Mrs Christie had passed away in childbirth, leaving her with her dad, Mr Micheal . According to her the baby was going to grow to be his friend, that’s what inspired her name.

Moving with long stomping strides Mr Micheal walked into the living room one afternoon. Sitting down he picked up one of the framed picture of China, he was amazed at how fast she had grown and indeed his very best friend.
Lost in thoughts, China didn’t hear her Mr Micheal come in, so he startled her a little when she finally saw him.
“Dad, When did come in?”. She asked
“Just now” he replied “and I’m so hungry I could eat a whole horse” he finished smiling. She gave him a sinister look smiling back as she went into the kitchen . They talked for a while before he retired to his room.
With only the memories of what her dad had told her about her mom, China knew virtually nothing. It made her feel inadequate and incomplete most times do she buried most of the feelings inside her art, because she loved to take pictures, draw and paint them. With little or no friends China buried her feelings into her art. Going for different exhibitions wasn’t far fetched, Mr Micheal had often accompanied her to some whenever he could.

Coming back home with a paper on his hands, Mr Micheal with excitement strolled in as he called out to China. She dashed out, on seeing his face, she started to smile. He quickly gave her the paper he was holding which was the reason for the beam on his face. She stared at it unbelievably as she she read through. One of her arts had made tremendous waves and she was being called to partake in a National competition competition coming up in about three months.
She didn’t believe it, she wanted to scream but as she opened her mouth it was as if she lost her voice. She started to cry, very hard as she sobbed into her fathers arms. He whispered gently to her ears comforting her.
Time had ran like a mad man chasing nothing, the art exhibition was close. China, gathered a few of her clothes in her bag, and her camera, she was good to go. They were all being camped in a house for the next one week of the exhibition.

Mr Micheal had insisted on driving her after many arguments in which China lost. They drove to the venue, on getting to the entrance, the security there demanded a pass at the gate which they gave him a thick white paper with inscription in it.

They drove in with awe on their faces at the sight they saw, China just kept smiling and saying this is beautiful. They got down went in. There was a registration going on for those in the competition. Mr Micheal had to wait for her where the other people who came along with the candidates waited.
After a while he bade her farewell as he left. Each candidate gave a brief introduction about themselves.

Many a times the circumstances we find ourselves in or the reason behind our existence isn’t favorable and sometimes it clips us from becoming who we are and who we’re meant to be. Here’s the thing nothing makes a successful success story that its intriguing history.

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