Countless times I wonder,
What’s with the hatred for my skin?
Mixed colors of light and a bit of chocolate;
Why am I avoided for how i look?

Born as the others
Cried the same way as they did or even more
Wore the same napkins and clothes as they did
Why then am I treated as an abomination?

I attend the same school and get a back seat
I score high and am accused of malpractice
I apply for a job with full requirements
but am turned down all because we look different

I speak in government and they respond
“Shun the monkies”
I work in hospitals and morgues but they see me as the dead
I try to be friendly and they call me a scammer

Is it a crime to be a BLACKMAN?
God’s perfect creation.
I am black-skinned and its no curse
I wear this skin all day long because it is a PRIVILEGE

Written by: Perfectionist(Micheal)

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