Am I defined by the clothes I choose to wrap my naked body with?

Does being masculine in my femininity make me less of a female?

Or does being feminine in my masculinity make me less of a person?

Am I defined by a community that never put a penny to cover the expenses of my sorrow but donated millions to make me feel uncomfortable in my skin?

Lend me an ear and hear the screams of my soul as it howls for inner peace,

Be one with me as my emotions bleed on paper with chaos so vast it pleads for attention,

When will we raise awareness of the fact that what a person wears doesn’t define them and no community has the right to question anyone’s personal choices?

Yes, I am a woman.

Broken and torn,

But healing and breaking limits.

I am a woman.

Whole without a man,

A warrior in this villainous world,

For long judged for how I am,
For how I dress,

For how I talk and present myself.

I wear my melanin with pride,

I wear my jeans and t-shirts with style.

They say I dress like a man and scare me into a corner,

But I will wear my fear,

And I hope you hear, 

Being fearless is accepting fear will always creep in but at the same time harnessing it by its horns and hitting it head-on.

Be you,
Dress how you feel,
And never fear how they judge you,
You’re perfect just the way you are.

Written by: Raechelle Ashleigh

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  1. Raising AWARENESS of the fact that you shouldn’t be judged for how you dress or present YOURSELF! I am a WOMAN and I am Fearless!

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