Many Strengths

Today, defeat tries to swallow you

staring you in the face and daring you to look at it,

hoping you’d wither away in fear.

That’s not today, today you thrive.

Today, your bones marry the light inside of you

Birthing strength and resilience.


Today, you kiss the shadow of defeat goodbye

because the wars won unscathed left you with spoils.

Today, you rejoice like the wind moving without restrictions,

even in the face of challenges, not because it feels super easy

but because there are many strengths to you and today is not the day you faze off.

Anxiety and fear try to daze you, but courage and light beckons you

It whispers, we’re one; do you not see your many strengths?

Open your eyes, lift off the scale shielding them.


There’s resilience in your bones, how I know is,

You undauntedly remain undefeated

Look at how far you’ve come, all the victory stories you have told.

Today move like a warrior, knowing your strengths is limitless.

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