This Time, We Win

Bound by so many belief systems we dance to the beat of the highest drummer not necessarily because we want to but because sometimes we’re too scared to stand out.

Glued to the norm, our true self crave expression, stifled by indecision we just go with the flow, afraid and unafraid.

Want to make a difference that’s everything we desire but we’re trapped one way or the other. Not wanting to graze any toes we lose ourselves in between.

Unsure of what the future holds, we are confident with what this season brings. Not because we have everything we want but because we’re alive and at this moment, right now that’s all that matters.

A dead man has no dreams, neither does hope linger at his doorsteps. All through the storms, you stood strong fighting each time with renewed strength and sometimes with zero energy, floating through it all, we silently whisper to ourselves “we made it”.

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