Trophy proud, we forgot to breathe

Trophy proud, we forgot how to stay grateful

Anxiety, worries and depression wearing us thin

With masked faces, we cover our fears hoping they’d disappear

And when we can’t make them, we allow them to swallow us.

Today is the beginning of a new dawn, you see?

It beckons on the part of you that wants to stay buried, in the shadows guilt and shame.

It beckons on you to embrace the essence that makes up the miracle that is you.

Living, breathing, miracle!

There’s only one person required to begin this magic,

You! Rising amidst broken bones and ashes

You! Wriggling out of the shadows of fear, pain and shame

Becoming the beacon of hope for others to see.

You! Powerful enough to pull through every storm

You! Who would not let the frailty of other peoples words keep you to the ground, tell you how to live.

You! Whose light will light up other lights

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