Revert To Be Better

Young and vibrant
Full of life and hope
Full of aims and goals
Was who you used to be

What you are now
I don’t know
Life had thrown itself in your face
Depriving you of your innocence

Ripping away your evergreen memory
Memories of a great future
Sweet dreams
Wishes of Happy ever after

You were as pure as a dove
Not anymore
You have faced reality
Life re-moulding you

Life is not a fairy tale
Life is not a bed of roses
You will overcome
You will triumph

You will smile again
Don’t let Life change you from being a sweet angel
Don’t let the ups and downs make you a monster
Don’t let it ruin your dreams

You can still be an angel
You can still fulfil dreams
You can still create good memories
You can still be who you want to be
You can be better.

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