Maximizing the lavatory experience

You know how it feels to find a comfortable toilet where you can relieve yourself when pressed or to visit the bathroom for an evening shower after the day’s work.

Very often right there, our minds begin to play host to a lot of ideas and thoughts. Some positive and some negative.

For the singles, beginning from the puberty stage, negative thoughts would centre on lust as they become sensitive to the rapid development of their bodies.

Looking at the positive aspect of the lavatory experience. It is quite unfortunate that many times when we succeed in trapping useful ideas, we rarely sustain the ability to retain them for further processing.

As soon as we are done cleaning up and step out of the toilet or bathroom, those ideas suddenly vanish into the air and may never return.

I remember listening to the testimony of a renowned Nigerian pastor who recorded an academic breakthrough, solving a difficult mathematical problem through an idea he caught while in the bathroom.

his goes to show how much that little space matters to our mental development and, by implication, our overall development. 

Remember, as a man thinks in his heart, so he is.

The heart, being a blood-pumping machine, powers the brain to generate coordinated signals which are transmitted through the nerve system to the other body organs, thereby enabling biological activities such as movement, respiration, nutrition, irritability, growth, excretion, reproduction and others.

Interestingly, these activities are interdependent and are pivotal to the performance of daily tasks such as construction, sports, manufacturing, farming, etc.

A good idea must be strong enough to overwhelm the mind beyond the confines of the bathroom, otherwise, it is not worth implementation.

Nevertheless, there is a need for the receiver to document useful ideas as soon as they come to mind. Thankfully, we are in a digital era where smartphones and other mobile devices are available.

Ideas can be recorded via voice note or typed and saved while using the lavatory. Perhaps someday, residential apartments will have recording devices installed in their lavatories for this objective.

Human needs are insatiable. Our world is engrossed in an unending search for new technologies and innovations. In light of this, we must maximize the lavatory experience in seeking solutions to daily problems.

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