Mirage in death

Walking down the street of Pipeline, was part of my workout routine to be in shape. Life has hit me badly I muttered, recalling the loss of my parents in a ghastly accident, my job because I started to lose focus from the shock of having a family and being orphaned the next.

I slowly became a shadow of myself and didn’t want anyone around me and, soon enough my friends stopped coming.

So lost in thoughts I missed the car coming and almost got knocked down, “Are you blind” the driver screamed drawing the attention of others who didn’t know what was going on.

“Sorry sir” an apology falling out from my lips as I walked swiftly away embarrassed.

Shola! Shola! Shola! I heard my name from the background, though I couldn’t place the voice, so I looked back and saw the same car, race his way towards me. I looked closely and recognised her.

“OMG bola is this you,” I asked in surprised.

She was looking beautiful with the new jeep she got. She offered me a date, to rekindle the bond. It’s been a while I thought, recalling our lecture days in the University of Port-Harcourt.

We went to the best resorts and bola order snack for us both and we ate talking. I asked her what’s she’s been up to, “I’m doing well just came back from Canada where I went for my master’s programme, and I was immediately given a good job with benefits, like I’m entitled to a house and an official car “ she answered defensively, stylishly she blushed. Wow, that’s amazing I said.

How about you she asked waiting for an answer, on her face, I saw she was scared, maybe I’m better than her, patiently she waited but got something no expecting.

I couldn’t find words, tears just flowed, not realizing I was in a public forum, I allowed my pain dance out in tears, shola stop now, what’s it she asked. As I downloaded all my life history to her expecting to be an angel sent, but I was disappointed.

Why did she leave, oh my God! I ran after her, but before I got there she had left, I cried my heart out, I wouldn’t have told her. I knew she would have helped if I didn’t tell her everything, but now see I just lost my lifesaver. Help me! I’m dying, I cried out to whoever cared to listen.

After minutes of walking like a woman in labour, calling for death as I moved into the middle of the road, just about to be hit by another vehicle. A red Toyota, I noticed eyeing the logo in front, as my eyes slowly closing in tiredness

  A dark-skinned man with broad shoulders stepped out, took me into the car, and started to drive. I didn’t care, I would rather die.

“At least I died for humanity, reducing population,” I said to myself.  He never said a word, and neither did I, as he drove.

We got to a two-story building, I didn’t ask if it was his house, I just looked around helplessly like I was going to die in seconds. I was exhausted, frustrated, and helpless. I just followed every direction he took me to, not asking any questions, just followed like a drunk. I heard him tell an older woman “take care of her, watch her closely”.

Lovingly, the woman took me for a bath, fed and gave me a bed. I woke up the next morning seeing the same man close to my bed watching me sleep.

“Who are you” I managed to ask, opening my mouth felt like a burden.

“I’m kunle, you were almost at the verge of killing yourself, I saved you”. With fear I couldn’t talk, I just stared at him with tears.

“You don’t need to cry, I want to help you”. He said softly.

Will you run away, I asked in fear. He said nothing, as I narrated my ordeal to him. He laughed so hard, and said is this why you want to die. Oh common it’s nothing, what course did you study in school, chemical engineering I responded. The next morning I got a job with a fat salary, A job I didn’t dream of in my life, was taken to a boutique to do some shopping, was also asked to stay in his house, with an official driver to take me to work every day. Everything happened so fast.

With joy so much in my heart, I ran towards him and hugged him, Angels are real, these were the words I said to him. After three years of hard work, I and kunle got into a relationship. One evening after work, we went for a dinner date, I found out to be my birthday after much celebration a ring was popped with a question, and I was positive.

You only need someone to climb the ladder. Death is not a solution.

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